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Who We Are

Lewis & Gazarek, Inc. is a workplace conflict management company heralding more than fifteen years of understanding the workplace environment collectively across various industries including consumer retail, retail banking, and legal practice management. We work exclusively with employers who are serious about improving their employee relations processes. We know these employers understand the sensitive nature of workplace disputes as well as the impact these disputes may have on their bottom-line, so they seek for their benefit our knowledge and experience with addressing workplace disputes.

As independent conflict managers, we are able to enter your business with minimal intrusion and demonstrate measured improvements to employee relations through a number of our services. Our services translate to limited or uninterrupted business processes, and when appropriate, recommendations for strategic workplace policies and programs tailored to satisfy business relationships. For more information on how we can help you, please see our Services.

Grounded on leading, strategic, business service needs, Lewis & Gazarek, Inc. carries a legacy of successful business acumen. From supporting agricultural ingenuity to redesigning electrical transformers... creativity and innovation are in our heritage. We are proud of our business heritage that crosses borders and connects well with business performance. Beyond our involvement in workplaces, we actively support community organizations and programs that encourage participation and engagement to meet the needs of the public. To learn more about how we support community programs, please see our Engagements.