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Conflict Management Services   

Workplace Mediation  

For our workplace mediation service, we take a more in-depth approach to conflict management coaching. Our client interaction may also engage with other employees, managers, and associates of the workplace to identify any trends and factors that contribute to ongoing conflicts. With this service, we not only look to resolve the dispute between the parties, but we also review various dynamics and tangible workflow/workload pressures that may have contributed to the development of the dispute.

The process commences with a pre-consultation, which generally involves the human resource manager(s) or business owner(s). Once the organization has agreed to render our workplace mediation services, we then contact each person mentioned in the dispute to arrange a pre-mediation consultation. When the pre-mediation consultations are complete, the mediation session is arranged with the human resource manager(s) or business owner(s) to identify the most accommodating date and time between all persons involved in the dispute.

Workplace mediation is an informal non-adversarial interest-based discussion between at least two persons, about identified concerns in a workplace. This discussion is very structured with a prescribed time and expectations in behaviour and style of communication. Upon the completion of the workplace mediation session(s), an agreement on how the persons in dispute will communication and behave going forward may be part of the outcome of this process.

At any point in time during these discussions, any participant should feel free to seek independent legal advice, especially where they believe the dispute involves a legal right.

Our team will also follow up with the participants to the mediation session one month, three months, and six months after any agreements made to determine the viability of such agreement(s).

Workplace mediation differs from employment or termination/severance mediation in that the emphasis in employment or termination/severance mediation focuses on the employee(s) dispute with the employer and or another employee(s). This is mainly due to the grievance of the terms of employment and/or another legal right or the end of their employment term and there is an amount claimed in damages or severance that needs to be determined. Employment or termination/severance mediation may be connected to a court proceeding.

This service is best suited for clients that require our involvement with a dispute resolution process and would appreciate our professionalism in delivering quality analysis, engagement, and management of a dispute in the workplace environment.